Cape Cod 2019

Squall passing north of Paine’s Creek Beach

I love being able to respond to interesting light and weather by heading to Paine’s Creek. I can be there in two minutes. Watching the weather radar, I saw the storm heading across the north side of Cape Cod Bay. As I set up on the breakwater, the sky opened and the shaft of light shone on the water. In the sand someone had drawn “Cape Cod 2019”, which became the title for this image. I also took a series of images to make a panorama.

Published by preuphoto

I am a fine art landscape and nature photographer living and working on Cape Cod. The area, and my familiarity with it, leads to compositions of light, weather, and frequently water in its many forms. I share my gallery with my wife Diane Heart, whose porcelain and raku pottery blends beautifully with my work

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